Restaurants in St Louis: Baby Back versus St.-Louis-Style Ribs

When you're in St. Louis, you have to try out St.-Louis-style ribs. To miss out on that culinary masterpiece is like to miss out on eating Italian-style pizza or spaghetti while you're in Italy as well as how Mexicans make tacos in Mexico. You must visit your nearest restaurants in st louis in order to experience for yourself the delectability of a full slab of St.-Louis-style spare ribs, which is quite in direct contrast to the just-as-popular baby back ribs full of lean mean. Both cuts of meat have their own respective pros and cons. Baby back ribs are smaller, while St.-Louis-style ribs have a "fattier" and fuller taste.

Some Facts about St.-Louis-Style Ribs and How They Compare to Baby Back Ribs

  • St.-Louis-style ribs are sliced off the side and belly of the pig, while baby back ribs are smaller and have an obvious curve to the bone (owing to the fact that they're essentially loin back ribs). They're both delicious, but St.-Louis-style ribs simply offer more in terms of volume and taste thanks to the presence of more fat. Of course, if you're on a diet, lean meat is better, but you really can't consider baby back ribs as diet food either.
  • Essentially, they're mouthwatering in their own special way. St.-Louis-style ribs have richer flavor, while baby backs tend to shine with its sweet taste that's hard to describe. Baby back ribs shine the most in the presence of the right sauce. Then again, St.-Louis-style ribs are quickly gaining the same popularity as baby backs because many a barbecue restaurant can add their own regional flavor and flair to these slabs of meat.
  • You don't even need to go to St. Louis in order to experience the taste of St.-Louis-style ribs (although the city does add a certain je ne sais quoi and ambiance to your rib-tasting experience). You can make your own by getting a cut from a rack of spare ribs and cooking it in any regional style you want (recipes are available all over the Internet).

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