catering prices troy

22/04/2013 11:24

Wholesale and retail price has, in one way or another, its own application for caterers.  Why, because caterers can lower their costs when buying in bulk for ingredients that they need.  As long as preparation and cooking will be within a reasonable time, there should be no problem with labor costs.  At catering prices troy, the logic will be the same.


Costs of ingredients are lower by volume.  Preparation and cooking in half a cauldron versus a full cauldron will only have a small difference in cooking time and cooking fuel.  In labor cost it will be almost the same.

Differences in cooking by volume


Cooking in half or full container may not have a big difference.  It is just reaching the right temperature that would have a time difference.  The problem in cooking is when roasting over open fire or charcoal.  Like with roasting or grilling barbeques, chicken beef or pork, there is limited space on grills to cook some pieces at a time.  So more pieces to roast, it will take a longer time to cook them.  There’s just no point is having more grills because it will require more people to attend to them.


It is the same way with frying for catering prices troy.  Therefore are only a fixed number of pieces that can be fried and will have to be fried in several batches for a big catering contract.


Caterer’s suggestions


When asking for suggestions from caterers without looking at the menu, their suggestions will be more on foods easy to prepare and cook.  That’s less trouble for them.  Another suggestion they will possibly make are those that are selling most in their menu.  If they cook in excess of what is needed, there’s no problem because they can sell.  If they run short, they know they have it in stock as their most saleable in their menu.



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