18/10/2013 12:36

The perfect place to hold a bridal shower is in a hotel room. Why? Because it’s private and can intimately accommodate a bride’s guests. So if you are a bridesmaid looking to organize a bridal shower for your BFF, here are some fun ideas on how you can electrify a bridal shower party.Click here to know more about it.

Pick-up an Overall Theme

Choose a theme for the bridal party. Example, if you want a sleep-over theme, you can ask the guests to come in their sleeping apparel like pajamas and lingerie. Theme’s puts your bridal party into perspective.

Pack-up on Food and Munches

One thing that can surely enliven a bridal shower or any party for that matter is food. So don’t impose limited budget on food. If you have a very delicious food, you have satisfied guests.

For a bridal shower, you can ask the bride’s friend to look for cakes. Make it special by getting a cake with naughty design. Also, a light food like pastries, chips, and little sandwiches will do. A bridal shower should not have a full course meal, just enough to satisfy the hunger pangs; so that your guest will be able to enjoy the festivities.

To keep the party spirits up you need to have spirits, meaning you should have a mini bar. Some hotels impose minimum charges for a mini bar. If you want to have one, the hotel management can provide you with honor bars, complete with fridge and booze. Just go easy on the booze, you wouldn’t want a handful of drunk women roaming around the hotel.

The Main Event

Well, what’s a bridal shower without a naughty dancer; you know what that means.

Remember, when planning for a bridal shower always consider the preference of your guests.